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Introducing Exo-Dry, the cutting-edge Lyophilised Umbilical Cord Exosome product designed specifically for medical and skincare professionals seeking to harness the regenerative potential of exosome therapy.

  • 30 Billion active Lyophilized Exosomes
  • Additional and Essential Added Peptides + Growth Factors
  • High Potency and Transparent Product Contents (request supporting literature)

Say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, acne, inflammation, and pigmentation!

Where convenience meets potency: Exosomes are natural vesicles (information capsules) known for their role in cell communication and rejuvenation. Exo-Dry is meticulously crafted from pristine, ethically-sourced umbilical cord tissue, utilizing advanced lyophilization —freeze drying, technology to preserve the biological integrity of exosomes without denaturing the crucial peptides, proteins, and growth factors essential for collagen-based healing and anti-aging. This process yields a state-of-the-art product that’s shelf-stable and easy-to-store, which seamlessly integrates into professional skincare routines without the need for refrigeration.

Discover the purpose of Exo-Dry: Exo-Dry is poised to revolutionize treatment protocols across a myriad of aesthetic specialties, offering clinicians a versatile, potent tool for promoting cellular repair and regeneration of skin, modulating inflammation, and rapid hair restoration. Its ease of saline reconstitution and readiness for clinical application make Exo-Dry an invaluable asset for healthcare providers dedicated to staying at the forefront of regenerative medicine. With its exceptional purity and potency, Exo-Dry is set to become an essential component in the repertoire of estheticians and dermatologists who are committed to providing their clients with the latest innovations in skincare science.

Discover the Science: Through extensive research and development, Exo-Dry blends the perfect fusion of science and skincare. We start with umbilical cord-derived exosomes, specific to the skin and known for their exceptional potency of transformative proteins, lipids, cytokines, growth factors, peptides, and nucleic acids: mRNA and miRNA. These unique factors support your intensive healing process, aiding recovery from cosmetic procedures, daily exposure to environmental factors, and reverse the effects of aging.

Transparency and Trust: We proudly disclose all Exo-Dry ingredients, inviting you to witness and compare their potency. We believe in the power of seeing, and we guarantee that you'll be astonished by the results your clients are about to experience!

Join the GLOW By Tatum Skincare Revolution! Experience Exo-Dry and reveal your skins true potential.

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