We value your partnership, and as part of our Quality Management System, we would appreciate your cooperation in completing the form below.

The Customer Qualifying Form allows us to better understand the nature of your business, and the type of services you provide to your customers. Vitro Biopharma Inc., as the parent company of Glow by Tatum, has strived to meet the highest standards of quality in product development for over 25 years. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to receiving the completed form. Glow by Tatum products are intended for topical use only for aesthetics. Glow by Tatum cosmetic serums can only be sold to and used by licensed aesthetics professionals. Single vial use. Intended use is one vial for one client on one occasion. Discard contents of vial after use. For professional use only, not intended for resale. This product is not to be injected or used as a therapeutic.